International Relations

FeaturedWhat Is The Difference Between Commerce, Business, and International Relations?

If you find yourself undecided between any of these careers, know the difference between Commerce, Business, and

International Relations.Choosing a career does not have to be a difficult decision if we have the right information.

Sometimes, by selecting,we can be undecided between one or two jobs that seem to be very similar and we imagine that

it will possibly be the same to study one or the other, however when we graduate the panorama and the job options that

we have can be very different. In the case of these three careers, they may have similar names. However, each of them has a different approach, different fields of action and various fields of work. We explain the most significant differences between Commerce, Business and International Relations below.
If you want to study International Commerce you should know that:
This race is of an economic nature and is centered on the movement of products and services (exports and imports)
A professional is dedicated to the use of strategies and effective marketing techniques, evaluation of variables involved in international trade and diagnosis, design, detection and implementation of marketing solutions for goods and services.The graduates can work in areas of logistics, storage, and distribution of companies and advice in marketing companies on all aspects related to the import and export of products.
If you want to study International Business you should know that:
This race is of an economic nature and is focused on the implementation of strategies to achieve business objectives.
A professional is dedicated to the identification and capitalization of business opportunities and international investments, the planning, organization, and management of areas with global activity in companies as well as the implementation of projects and strategies for the competitive development of organizations.
Graduates can work in organizations with operations and investment in global markets, as well as organizations that promote and regulate international business.
If you are interested in studying International Relations you should know that:
This race is of a political nature and is focused on wide-ranging relations, where economic, political, legal, cultural, environmental, etc. topics are considered.
A professional is dedicated to the analysis of the fundamental components and specific situations of international politics and the economic, social, cultural, legal and environmental trends of the global system, as well as the generation of initiatives and interventions in agreements and agreements for the design of proposals.
Graduates can work in any public agency or organization with objectives of relations with other countries or groups of nations and in organizations that promote their image and activities internationally.