What Is International Trade?

The International Trade course provides the theoretical tools necessary to understand and exercise sustainably the exchange of goods and services worldwide, this linked to pre-established regulations that offer transparency and dynamism to commercial activity.

What tasks does a professional development in International Trade?

Analyze, complement, satisfy the needs of markets, whether internal (society) or external (new market).
Analyze the properties of the country (or countries) in all economic sectors, to face real problems and solve them efficiently.
Respond to the requirements of the public and private sector, from research to management in the exchange of goods and services.
From the study of the evolution of international trade to the identification of market opportunities, including the estimation of the effects of business on national economic activity.

What skills should a specialist in International Trade have?

Research capacity It is essential to be up to date with the legislative and commercial news.
Ease in establishing relationships.

Why study International Trade?
“At Universidad del Rosario we have an undergraduate degree in Finance and International Trade, and our focus is on the analysis of the economic conditions that determine and condition the participation of economies in trade, in the processes of economic integration and the global chains of value “, explains Ricardo Argüello , professor at the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad del Rosario , with a degree in economics from Cornell University ( United States ), and a specialist in agricultural economics .
For Argüello, the importance of international trade in economic growth was fundamental when choosing what to do professionally, “I started my professional career working for a trade association of export activity, and I could appreciate the benefit that this brought for the producers.

I am a professor and researcher. My aspirations are defined in that dimension, I seek to be a good teacher for our students and do research that is useful to understand the scope and effects of commercial activity and private and public decision making. “